Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Three masculine table series, third of
feminine side almost done.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New LACMA design architecture

Seven doorways and windows levels rising above a sunken amphitheatre. To have historical architects design to proscribed size for doors below and upper level various Age doors as windows on the courtyard where people can merge and mingle, no contempt art as that is banished to the play yard West.  Original materials where possible, except architectural examples on the roof which will not get close up inspection, but should be as close as reasonably possible, Watts Towers over the Modern halls.
Near constant acoustic musics and proven theater.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Newest, Soul Lifes 3 and 4.

Kitchen Table and Living Room Table(2)
4'x3' each. .

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Supper mural

God help me, I have been told to make one while cutting the lawn Gran Torino style. Not sure who it was, but message was clear, just do it. Drew up a rough draft Friday, then three days drawing it out 30"x90" as a study.
Think and feel early Christian, Orthodox,Coptic A Russian rural art filtered through early Modernism of Gauguin, Kandinsky and Matisse. A primitivism to create energy and light, as much joyous and living as sad and death filled, movement in a pseudo naive style.
God help me. I shall succeed, Inshallah. Will be posting stages of development.

Final study for Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels huge raw sienna entry wall.
Three shaped canvases.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My fan club

How cool is that? One is known by ones enemies as much as by ones friends.
Consider the source, looks like I am doing pretty good. LMAO!
Art collegia delenda est! Proven once again.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Banned in LA

Recently while blogging I have been criticized by those who claim I have never been "solicited"(interesting term, as to pimping) by any LA galleries. I forgot all about this one, as I have only attempted at three as we are a rather superficial and adolescent bunch. One was told it was closed to new artists, as there is a divide between old money and its focus on closed artwork for investment purposes, "Masters" only, meaning dead.

Another which was reopening after carrying Modern art decades earlier, but now turned into contempt art as there isn't much else in LA, told me to go to Frisco or Portland. I don't fit in here. No shit.
LA is for the nouveau riche, agents, studio heads and real estate robber barons..

The third was LA Artcore in fall 2008. Lydia Takeshita, the founder and head, immediately bought several photos I had, and put me down for a two man show of "untrained' artists in May of 2010. She vehemently promised me and showed me where she had me scheduled. As I don't care for much they show at either of their two sites, in front of MoCA and at the Brewery, I hadn't gone in a year. I looked at their 2010 schedule to contact about what works to bring, and was told I wasn't scheduled and we had been replaced by two Asian girls with rice paper works. How stereotypical and original is that.

In other words, I have been banned in LA.
Thank you, I cant think of much better cred than that.

Can you think of anything more hypocritical? But then it is the Academic/Museo/Gallery complex of investment for the nouveau riche and their parties. Political Correctness is its cover and muzzle. We can't have the search for Truth creep into the "discussion" now can we. I have been banned for blogging my opposition to the soulless, sexless, sensually and mentally deprived artscene. Where frontin pseudo intellectual nonsense and voyuerism of games, toys and therapy is the goal. Decadence.

The product of the Age of Meism and Excess.
That age is over.
"It is time to put aside childish things". St Paul and some guy named Obama.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Creating the Creation Triptych

Final Creation Triptych

Foundation Harmony   First chord
                                 Initial Rhythm and Harmonic Modulation
Drawings for new triptych, Creation. Using old painting of my avatar on left, middle is slightly too large, right needs to be slightly larger. Woman red-deep yellow with violet undercoatings, Man green-light yellow with blue, and center Creation white center to deep yellow gradation edges and orange undercoating,
Outside cornice cobalt violet, blue and orange on burnt umber, raw umber and Van Dyke brown.Rhythmic bodies burnt sienna and light to deep yellow wings And raw, burnt sienna and van dyke in middle.

Almost done, but switched the cobalt blue to cerulean, wish I had undercoated it as well. Made some changes, perhaps this weekend,

Final Harmony, rhythm to complete next.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Judgment Triptych Panels

Each 84"x68". 7'x17' total.
Updated Trial
LtoR Trial, Peace, Doom

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watts Towers(Nuestro Pueblo) flyer available. Also as a Brochure.

Recent work

Small works for me, most 4', the last nude studies 22"x28".

Larger public works tend towards cubist abstractions, these are private and so more intimate. Yet still built as musical color harmonies, linear melodies, and pulsing rhythm structures, where the larger are necessarily more dynamic and aggressive.