Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sunday, June 21, 2015


Three masculine table series, third of
feminine side almost done.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

New LACMA design architecture

Seven doorways and windows levels rising above a sunken amphitheatre. To have historical architects design to proscribed size for doors below and upper level various Age doors as windows on the courtyard where people can merge and mingle, no contempt art as that is banished to the play yard West.  Original materials where possible, except architectural examples on the roof which will not get close up inspection, but should be as close as reasonably possible, Watts Towers over the Modern halls.
Near constant acoustic musics and proven theater.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Newest, Soul Lifes 3 and 4.

Kitchen Table and Living Room Table(2)
4'x3' each. .

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Last Supper mural

God help me, I have been told to make one while cutting the lawn Gran Torino style. Not sure who it was, but message was clear, just do it. Drew up a rough draft Friday, then three days drawing it out 30"x90" as a study.
Think and feel early Christian, Orthodox,Coptic A Russian rural art filtered through early Modernism of Gauguin, Kandinsky and Matisse. A primitivism to create energy and light, as much joyous and living as sad and death filled, movement in a pseudo naive style.
God help me. I shall succeed, Inshallah. Will be posting stages of development.

Final study for Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels huge raw sienna entry wall.
Three shaped canvases.

Friday, September 7, 2012

My fan club

How cool is that? One is known by ones enemies as much as by ones friends.
Consider the source, looks like I am doing pretty good. LMAO!
Art collegia delenda est! Proven once again.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Banned in LA

Recently while blogging I have been criticized by those who claim I have never been "solicited"(interesting term, as to pimping) by any LA galleries. I forgot all about this one, as I have only attempted at three as we are a rather superficial and adolescent bunch. One was told it was closed to new artists, as there is a divide between old money and its focus on closed artwork for investment purposes, "Masters" only, meaning dead.

Another which was reopening after carrying Modern art decades earlier, but now turned into contempt art as there isn't much else in LA, told me to go to Frisco or Portland. I don't fit in here. No shit.
LA is for the nouveau riche, agents, studio heads and real estate robber barons..

The third was LA Artcore in fall 2008. Lydia Takeshita, the founder and head, immediately bought several photos I had, and put me down for a two man show of "untrained' artists in May of 2010. She vehemently promised me and showed me where she had me scheduled. As I don't care for much they show at either of their two sites, in front of MoCA and at the Brewery, I hadn't gone in a year. I looked at their 2010 schedule to contact about what works to bring, and was told I wasn't scheduled and we had been replaced by two Asian girls with rice paper works. How stereotypical and original is that.

In other words, I have been banned in LA.
Thank you, I cant think of much better cred than that.

Can you think of anything more hypocritical? But then it is the Academic/Museo/Gallery complex of investment for the nouveau riche and their parties. Political Correctness is its cover and muzzle. We can't have the search for Truth creep into the "discussion" now can we. I have been banned for blogging my opposition to the soulless, sexless, sensually and mentally deprived artscene. Where frontin pseudo intellectual nonsense and voyuerism of games, toys and therapy is the goal. Decadence.

The product of the Age of Meism and Excess.
That age is over.
"It is time to put aside childish things". St Paul and some guy named Obama.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Creating the Creation Triptych

Final Creation Triptych

Foundation Harmony   First chord
                                 Initial Rhythm and Harmonic Modulation
Drawings for new triptych, Creation. Using old painting of my avatar on left, middle is slightly too large, right needs to be slightly larger. Woman red-deep yellow with violet undercoatings, Man green-light yellow with blue, and center Creation white center to deep yellow gradation edges and orange undercoating,
Outside cornice cobalt violet, blue and orange on burnt umber, raw umber and Van Dyke brown.Rhythmic bodies burnt sienna and light to deep yellow wings And raw, burnt sienna and van dyke in middle.

Almost done, but switched the cobalt blue to cerulean, wish I had undercoated it as well. Made some changes, perhaps this weekend,

Final Harmony, rhythm to complete next.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Judgment Triptych Panels

Each 84"x68". 7'x17' total.
Updated Trial
LtoR Trial, Peace, Doom

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Watts Towers(Nuestro Pueblo) flyer available. Also as a Brochure.

Recent work

Small works for me, most 4', the last nude studies 22"x28".

Larger public works tend towards cubist abstractions, these are private and so more intimate. Yet still built as musical color harmonies, linear melodies, and pulsing rhythm structures, where the larger are necessarily more dynamic and aggressive.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

LACMA's using Nuestro Pueblo

So, LACMA has no vision. At UCLA yesterday, they had no answers just jibber jabber. After the original engineer said no one had created any new ways or substances to repair the Watts Towers(Nuestro Pueblo), and the DCA guy just rambled on about himself and his poor departments layoffs, not a word about the site itself. The new conservation guy from LACMA came on, and had seen the Towers a whole five days before.

They announced that the DCA and LACMA had signed an agreement for LACMA to get involved starting Nov.1 He was correct in saying the best way to preserve the towers was maintenance, but where has LACMA and the Getty been for 56 years? When confronted in questioning, and about the total lack of publicity by LA for Nuestro Pueblo, the older engineer who had worked for the Getty and now LACMA got defensiviely loud, but still said nothing. He said that the Getty had done work PRO BONO. In otherwords, they did nada. He gave no time involved, no conclusions reached, and no action being taken. He said it was owned by the state and city and could do nothing on their own. Wrong. The Getty is all over the world, working on government owned and religous sites. They cant do anything here? Because they never volunteered to. You think the City wouldn't take them up on an offer? But they dont care, period. Its all just propaganda, PR.

To them, Nuestro Pueblo is just Folk art, absurd. It is the greatest work of creative art in California. It is not folk arts defining a small group, decorating useful objects. It is a cathedral of all humanity, to god. So the Sistine ceiling is folk art? According to this "reasoning" of self promoting academic drivel, it is. Mr. Rodia used his colors and forms constructively as with a brush on canvas, there is nothing haphazard here. Just because he never attended an art school does not mean he was not an artist. That Duchampian absurdist"logic' was a joke from the get go, very few great artists ever graduated from an art school, let alone attended

The first LACMA engineer when pressed about what this signing means, what intent they have after Director Govan supposedly saying he had an idea about the Watts Towers when he first took the job four years ago, said they would be "dating" for the first year or so, feeling each other out. Like gropping teenag boys I guess. And then seeing what they have in common. Pimps, date rapers, pure and simple, using Nuestro Pueblo as its whore. There is no other way to see it, no PC cover story they can come up with when real questions are asked, not academic, social party, polite chitchat. Wheres the beef? It's all tofu. It is about appearance, not responsibility.

Plus, the Getty has left Nuestro Pueblo out of 2011's mammoth Pacific Standard Time series of exhibits. It doesn't consider them either art, or worth saving. There are 15 main sites, all about Institutions that promoted art in LA from 1945 to 1980, though that is not the claim. They say it is about ART, that created in LA during that time span, yet no mention about Nuestro Pueblo at all. There are 35 additional satellite sites, one is the Noah Purifoy Gallery in the Watts Towers Art Center, which is really the Charles Mingus, the great bebop bassist from Watts as there are two art centers there. But listed in the Department of Cultural affairs heading, and underneath the Municipal Art Gallery. AND is only about the Gallery helping "new" artistes exhibit, and so being in Watts, no one will come. So, what does that have to do with the greatest work of art in California? Ignored, as is all south of Wilshire. LACMA and all its fellow institutions are about social events and mausoleums for its patrons, not art. Nt of humanity, not through nature, not to God. It does not define Us, nor explore our world, nor reached for Purpose and Meaning. It splinters, it does not bind. It is about the status quo and entertaining those in power.

Join in saving Nuestro Pueblo, Our Town. It is up to us, the powers that be have failed. They must be made to pay attention, and focus once more on what is important to all of humanity.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Saving the Rodia/Watts Towers

Nuestro Pueblo

It is time. Los Angeles is broke, and seeking private groups to manage its art centers. And none is more important to LA, and the world, than the Watts Towers. Over a decades long struggle, with donated and found items, Sam Rodia put together and constructed the Towers with his own hands. Originally and appropriately named Nuestro Pueblo “Our Town”, the Watts Towers are truly creative art. Built with a baptizing bath and font, it has been used for services to God and weddings. Seeking to bond us together, in God's creation of nature, no higher calling can be held.
LACMA, The Getty, the Catholic Church, AME and other religious denominations need to step forward, and join to save this gift to man and God. It has survived earthquakes, man's attempted destruction, and neglect. But cannot for long, it needs, and deserves our loving care. For it is for Us. Nuestro Pueblo. No greater work of art exists in La Ciudad de Los Angeles, nor is there a single work more important or been made in our nation during the post War years. It must be saved, and used as it was intended, to gather the tribes. To be the center of our community. Let it be filled with life, music, and family. It is Art.
The State Park site of Nuestro Pueblo is a large triangle. Along with the two art center's already established, there is room to build small buildings in a village setting. More is needed to prolong the experience of the Towers, bring in people, and keep them coming back. A music museum, cottages representing nations of the America's and its music; Jazz, Blues, Gospel, Salsa, Samba, Bossa Nova, Reggae, … are simple suggestions for bringing humanity together beneath this wondrous creation. This idea could easily be presented as Art of the Nation’s pavilions for Cuba, Brazil, Lesser Antilles, Jamaica and the US, with others established as spaces open. Creative music’s that mingle the cultures of Europe, Africa, and pre-Columbian peoples.
Two houses in the area will eventually be bought and either converted, or torn down and built as new pavilions when available. The costs will be minimal, no plumbing as the existing facilities can be used and expanded. Simple house sized structures with art that visualize’s the feel of the music’s within. Headsets for sampling, rooms in various configurations so different styles and representative musician’s can be presented. Kansas City has an excellent jazz museum that can be used as a example, but broken up into small structures of less than 80' diameter. Five or six can be built right now, keeping as many trees as possible, promoting a relaxed and organic feel of community. Where people can mingle, have food and produce stands, and festivals on a regular basis. So we truly have Our Town, with the Towers as our Cathedral. The Art's are meant to be unified for an exaltation of mind, body, and soul, not separated and sterilized for investment and academic detachment.
Artists can be commissioned, or nations brought in to decorate how they feel best to enrich their musical traditions. I have already started such art studies in my Judgment Chapel for the 2011 Venice Biennale. Based on the music of John Coltrane, specifically a Love Supreme, it would be but one wing of at least four with a central court for sampling music and mingling in a jazz pavilion. Parking will remain an issue, but the with the Metro Blue Line right next to the area, visitors will find it to be an almost seamless direct connect to MoLAA and LACMA. These two museums can sponsor tours and bring in groups on the line or in buses. Along with promotion of the described Festival’s of the America’s in the already constructed open courtyard behind the Towers. An alliance with MoLAA and LACMA must be made to promote conservation and public transport. And the entire city, and not just isolated pockets of culture, which leaves the vast majority out along with so much of the creative power of our people.
This suggestion is but one way. However, something must be done, and now. This would be extremely inexpensive, no big architect firm involved. Just simple structure's that are typical of the nations involved, with differences shown to be of a common humanity. The Mingus Center kept for ticketing, and book and music store. Continue to show the Life of Rodia film, as well as others. And expand exhibits like the African musical instrument’s currently showing. The community center can continue to be used for classes and exhibits.
As with all true creative art, this can change and evolve in time. Not be stagnant and rigid, for mingled ethnicity's, cultures and improvisation are the ways of our hemisphere. And a way for us to bond in common purpose. For Purpose is everything, and from which Art flows. This must be for us, by us, and of us. As the Towers were built for.
Nuestro Pueblo.
*****************************The Beginning*****************************
The Rev. Chip Murray, retired of the First AME in Los Angeles and nationally known from the aftermath of the Rodney King uprising, now a Senior Fellow at the Center for Religion and Civic Culture at USC, has bestowed on me the task of gathering our tribes. To bring churches, mosques, temples, and secular groups of all our people together, to form a pact as one supporting this holy site. For it is sacred, beyond any other in our nation. Only Yosemite, built by God, is more powerful an experience of eternity and creative power. For art is the meek, man made equivalent of God's forces. Attempting to follow the path of creation and passion, reflecting the life around us. As we define who we are, explore the World around us, and seek God, to find Purpose and live life as intensely, purely and humbly as we can.
Monies are not sought; the eternal hand of reaching out for cash is not here. But it is held out for joining. To support and participate in this holy site, to use it as both Mr. Rodia wished, and in the spirit of giving and community he revealed. Organizations, secular and religious, can hold festivals here, and have one day a year their congregations come and visit the Towers. The admission price and fundraising from the music, cultural activities, foods, and service's going towards the Art Centers and Preservation funds.
We must prove to those who hold the power, the money, and the self-interest of the business class that it is in the interest of all. Then the Getty, LACMA and MoLAA, foundations such as the Irvine, will know the importance of this site and be compelled to act. That we are One, and that Art has returned to being the unifier it always was. And that we hold a common faith in our humanity, world and God.
How can we ask if we will not give? We must prove to ourselves our own worth, that the words Responsibility, Commitment, and Sacrifice still have meaning, and that we live our Word. A man's worth is in whom he communes with, what he does, and his word. Let us of faith in southern LA County, from the 10 Freeway to here in Long Beach, unite in common purpose to protect and use this gift to man, and monument to God. Let us be Men, and put aside childish things. Those things which divide, and of the individuals own selfish desire. We must prove to others our strength, our dedication, our love. It is time to gather the Tribes, and this is the place. -
Nuestro Pueblo.
Contact me, and let us work together. Or we will fall, together

Levels of Participation.
(The responses to this idea have been excellent, and suggestions great. A pamphlet will soon be available for downloading and printing for organizations.)
1. Revealing to our congregations that Our Town exists, encouraging and arranging dates to visit. This alone should be enough to save the Art Centers with its $7 admission. With the DCA budget cuts, once the Centers gets their funding back from us, our children need to know its resources and utilize them. Kids need to be well rounded, and art and music develop their young minds and souls.
2. Forming Nuestro Pueblo Council. Leaders bonding to create a larger force, to take it on to the monied institutions once it has been shown that this is part of our community, and that it is an essential work that demands preservation. Collecting funds through festivals and activities, it must be shown that we participate, and walk the walk.
I will be the Town Coordinator, as appointed by Rev. Murray, for the actual site is small and can take only so many people at a time. To make sure we do not overlap our visitations, and can arrange group activities with the Department of Cultural Affairs, whose budget has been slashed. A non-profit fund will be set up, and when large enough to impress, will be revealed to those institutions that should be involved, LACMA, MoLAA, and especially the Getty.
3. Once the Art Centers and Towers have been saved, we can develop the park. We must have reason's for people to come back, and prolong their visit. There wil be times when the Towers, Our Town's Cathedral, will be closed for restoration. To be fiancially viable more will be needed. Producing a quality book of the Towers would also bring in income and people from across the world, as incredibly none has ever been done. Forming the Music Museum of the America's would also redevelop the entire area. It must be run by those representing Nuestro Pueblo, and not taken away by the financial institutions. But run in partnership.
Visit the official Towers site
And write the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs.
This can be done. It is time.
Write me, and pdf,s of a flyer and brochure will be made available.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Judgment Triptych/Coltrane Chapel

The Triptych is finally done. 7' high each by 68", 7'x17' total . The Chapel is designed. Two 5'x10' wings of musical warriors guide us in, a circle of Angels dance in greeting before us. Trial awaits.

It has no single religion or dogma attached. It is personal accountability. We must all answer for our lives at some point, even if you do not believe in God. On your deathbed, you must go over your life, and come to a conclusion whether it was worthy or not. Some are sociopaths, some are saints. We all are sinners. And even the worst of us has some redeeming quality. Is it enough?Should we wait til it is too late? What do we leave behind? It is not for us to judge you, but your own conscience. And whatever may await.
Today is always the day to atone for our ways and renew our faith in life. We will not be here long, what have we done? Is the world better for our having been here? Was love in our lives? Did we sacrifice for others? Did we give as willingly and happily as we took? Was our life in balance; mind, body and soul nurtured and worked for the benefit of all?
The left panel is Trial. The Angel of the Lord stands before us, awaiting his command, to let in or destroy. The Trial is going on, defense to the right pleading our case, of frail man and his weaknesses, as well as his triumphs. The left the prosecutor demands perfection, and reveals our failures. God looks on from upper right, his verdict in waiting.
The right, our failure, Doom. The Angel takes vengeance as Gods anger burns. Yeshua cries for our soul, for in the Quran as well as Bible, Isa, Jesus, is there at the end times. But he is always there to plead for Man, for he is pure. The middle panel we have Acceptance, we are welcomed and God glows in joy for we are loved. But do we?
The Age of Meism and Excess behind us, our most recent Gilded Age over. Judgment of Humanity is here and we have failed as a society, but there is time while we live. Do we make the most of it?