Thursday, July 12, 2012

Banned in LA

Recently while blogging I have been criticized by those who claim I have never been "solicited"(interesting term, as to pimping) by any LA galleries. I forgot all about this one, as I have only attempted at three as we are a rather superficial and adolescent bunch. One was told it was closed to new artists, as there is a divide between old money and its focus on closed artwork for investment purposes, "Masters" only, meaning dead.

Another which was reopening after carrying Modern art decades earlier, but now turned into contempt art as there isn't much else in LA, told me to go to Frisco or Portland. I don't fit in here. No shit.
LA is for the nouveau riche, agents, studio heads and real estate robber barons..

The third was LA Artcore in fall 2008. Lydia Takeshita, the founder and head, immediately bought several photos I had, and put me down for a two man show of "untrained' artists in May of 2010. She vehemently promised me and showed me where she had me scheduled. As I don't care for much they show at either of their two sites, in front of MoCA and at the Brewery, I hadn't gone in a year. I looked at their 2010 schedule to contact about what works to bring, and was told I wasn't scheduled and we had been replaced by two Asian girls with rice paper works. How stereotypical and original is that.

In other words, I have been banned in LA.
Thank you, I cant think of much better cred than that.

Can you think of anything more hypocritical? But then it is the Academic/Museo/Gallery complex of investment for the nouveau riche and their parties. Political Correctness is its cover and muzzle. We can't have the search for Truth creep into the "discussion" now can we. I have been banned for blogging my opposition to the soulless, sexless, sensually and mentally deprived artscene. Where frontin pseudo intellectual nonsense and voyuerism of games, toys and therapy is the goal. Decadence.

The product of the Age of Meism and Excess.
That age is over.
"It is time to put aside childish things". St Paul and some guy named Obama.


Todd Wilkins said...

It is a true shame that the citizens of Los Angeles have been deprived of your bountiful artistic talents Donald. Having perused your website and seen the generosity of spirit and deep understanding of the human condition inherent in your work it, is regrettable that you have been banned from exhibiting such masterful work at LA Artcore and been told to seek out venues in "Frisco" rather than in your hometown of Los Angeles. Goddamn those robber barons and nouveau riche Hollywood d-bags who prop up this elitist artscene.

I am a huge fan of your non-sensical, drunken spewings on the comment boards of nearly every art related article on the Los Angeles Times and other websites and fuck all those who say otherwise. You are the real deal my friend! One piece of advice would be to spend far less time venting your anger about the state of your career as an artist and your inability to accept the past 80 years of artistic achievements on the computer and perhaps finding a paying job as a Sarah Palin-like art-world rabble rouser. Based on your self-trained, comprehensive knowledge of Art History and fluency in Latin you are obviously the right man for the job.

Semper Ubi Sub Ubi Mon Frer!!


Donald Frazell said...

If you knew any Latin, or obviously history, you would know where the phrase comes from. But, pseudo intellectuals always have their panties in a bunch. At leas you have the juevos to post a name, credit. Your girly friends dont.

Glad you enjoy Modern art, no decadent influences of the mothers of neoAcademcism like Duchamp, Picabia, Dali and Balthus here.
All virile, men and women. worshiping what we call God.
Purpose and Meaning, you dont seem to have any. What a shame.

See you on the blogosphere, or perhaps, Frisco. But I think we travel in different circles. I am in the real world, you the inbred insular and miniscule selfabsorbed artscene.

Good luck with that.
And brush up on your history, and drawing, sense of color and humanity, while you are at it.

Donald Frazell said...

Oh, my bad. I googled you and you dont seem to exist. Nevermind.