Thursday, December 17, 2009

Judgment Triptych/Coltrane Chapel

The Triptych is finally done. 7' high each by 68", 7'x17' total . The Chapel is designed. Two 5'x10' wings of musical warriors guide us in, a circle of Angels dance in greeting before us. Trial awaits.

It has no single religion or dogma attached. It is personal accountability. We must all answer for our lives at some point, even if you do not believe in God. On your deathbed, you must go over your life, and come to a conclusion whether it was worthy or not. Some are sociopaths, some are saints. We all are sinners. And even the worst of us has some redeeming quality. Is it enough?Should we wait til it is too late? What do we leave behind? It is not for us to judge you, but your own conscience. And whatever may await.
Today is always the day to atone for our ways and renew our faith in life. We will not be here long, what have we done? Is the world better for our having been here? Was love in our lives? Did we sacrifice for others? Did we give as willingly and happily as we took? Was our life in balance; mind, body and soul nurtured and worked for the benefit of all?
The left panel is Trial. The Angel of the Lord stands before us, awaiting his command, to let in or destroy. The Trial is going on, defense to the right pleading our case, of frail man and his weaknesses, as well as his triumphs. The left the prosecutor demands perfection, and reveals our failures. God looks on from upper right, his verdict in waiting.
The right, our failure, Doom. The Angel takes vengeance as Gods anger burns. Yeshua cries for our soul, for in the Quran as well as Bible, Isa, Jesus, is there at the end times. But he is always there to plead for Man, for he is pure. The middle panel we have Acceptance, we are welcomed and God glows in joy for we are loved. But do we?
The Age of Meism and Excess behind us, our most recent Gilded Age over. Judgment of Humanity is here and we have failed as a society, but there is time while we live. Do we make the most of it?


Hungry Hyaena said...

Congratulations, Donald!

william wray said...

These are powerful D! lots of emotional color and the spiritual feeling of a church celebrating the deity called life and all it's joys.

Nivedita said...

thanx a bunch Donald for visiting my blog and leaving such encouraging comments 'bout my work. Truely touched :)))

LOve your renditions...bright, bold colours, juxtaposed forms...glad to follow you. Shall add ya on fb :)) I haven't been updating my has been ages since I did :))

-nivi :))

Cate said...

Great work, Donald. Especially like Ascension (can hear the music--feels like being lifted up), Africa Brass (love the way you painted the lines and colors, the image has such depth that it pulls you inside of it. Feels as if I'm surrounded by it in 3-D), Boardwalk Dancers (my eyes can't rest in one place--the lively colors, shapes and lines move around and 'round the painting), and Dining Room (peaceful, inviting, contemplative). This last may be a favorite, if I had to pick one.