Monday, May 28, 2012

Creating the Creation Triptych

Final Creation Triptych

Foundation Harmony   First chord
                                 Initial Rhythm and Harmonic Modulation
Drawings for new triptych, Creation. Using old painting of my avatar on left, middle is slightly too large, right needs to be slightly larger. Woman red-deep yellow with violet undercoatings, Man green-light yellow with blue, and center Creation white center to deep yellow gradation edges and orange undercoating,
Outside cornice cobalt violet, blue and orange on burnt umber, raw umber and Van Dyke brown.Rhythmic bodies burnt sienna and light to deep yellow wings And raw, burnt sienna and van dyke in middle.

Almost done, but switched the cobalt blue to cerulean, wish I had undercoated it as well. Made some changes, perhaps this weekend,

Final Harmony, rhythm to complete next.
These are small sketches, 20"-29". Proportions are not quite right, center needs to be smaller and right slightly larger. Figures need to be relatively same sizes. Can be made any size, designed to be a mural, with perhaps center panel rotated from day to day.
 Changes the relationships, and relationships are everything in life, and art.


Anonymous said...

Good drawings and color plans for the "Creation" triptych, Donald. Do you still have the "Judgement" under consideration as well? These ideas go well together, and you might consider adding a third triptych to the series--say, one called "Life" that would show Birth/Beginnings, Life's Journey, and Death/Transition. Thanks for sharing the progress of your work with me. Look forward to the finished version.

Donald Frazell said...

Gauguin beat me to that one. What are we? Where are we going? Where do we come from? The key questions of all of art.

The triptychs done organically, not planned. Judgment started with Trial from the Rodney King uprising/riots. Threw out the original one, actually supporting the fence right now. Didnt work, still working on this one as cezannian cubism is by far the hardest, if not necessarily the best.

The right one Doom, on the day Lehman Bros went under, me screaming, told you so bastards! The center made to hinge them, and provide breathing room. Peace.

This one was foirst woman, or Angel Dance, then the men from the Bantu Warriors troupe I saw at Circus Vargas with Paul when he was 4, 19 years ago, just the drawing. The central I did at work a few months ago, almost got it right now, have made additional changes, and final will still be different, size and scale change things.

Its bodies will be dark brown, Van Dyke with red modeling, the right burnt sienna with deep yellow as the Woman is Raw Sienna with light yellow. Have dark background bases of Burnt umber woman, raw umber Manand either black or alizarin crimson middle.

I always layer, creates depth movement and energy one cant see on a website, I dont do small stuff. Just not my thing.

Will see if America can stand all that color, of dark bodies and pure modulated color, its so blanched and insipid now. Weak.
Probably not. Too self centered.